Tips for Quitting Alcohol Abuse on Your Own

There are a few things someone suffering from alcohol abuse needs to ask themselves before they decide to abuse again. It’s extremely important to weigh the cost of drinking alcohol. You may have fun or forget your problems for a night, but it will destroy your relationships, take a physical and mental toll on your body, and perhaps even ruin your life altogether. For most people, drinking alcohol is not a problem. However, for people suffering from addiction, you need to assess the important things in your life and take the necessary steps to prevent alcohol abuse from ruining all that you’ve worked for. Below is a list of helpful tips for people quitting alcohol abuse on your own to get healthy for the sake of yourself and the people closest to you.

5 Tips for Quitting Alcohol Abuse

  1. Tell your loved ones about your problem and the limits you want to set for yourself in order to get healthy. This way, they can help you achieve your goals and stop you from going over any set limits or they can help you cut back completely.
  2. Once you have set your limits and goals and told your loved ones about your plans, you need to get rid of all temptations in your life that might influence you to drink alcohol again. This can include anything from throwing away bottles of alcohol in your home to severing ties with people that prevent you from quitting alcohol abuse.
  3. If you’re someone that has tried to quit drinking alcohol in the past, learn from your mistakes. Reflect on all the methods you used and see what could work and what might be dangerous to try again. You obviously don’t want to repeat anything that didn’t work for you, but these failed attempts are important to learn from.
  4. It helps to keep a journal to track your progress and vent your frustrations about any relapses of alcohol abuse. Writing your daily feelings about recovering can also help you analyze methods that work and those that don’t. If you’re feeling frustrated and writing isn’t doing the trick, take a moment to speak to a close friend about these feelings before resorting to drinking. This will drastically help with quitting alcohol abuse once and for all.
  5. Try making alternatives to make quitting alcohol abuse easier. There is no better way to avoid alcohol abuse than to immerse yourself in something you love. This can be a hobby, something creative, or simply going to the movies. This gives you a nice place to go or something to do instead of drinking alcohol. This should be something you can always turn to and give you the much needed time to reflect on the costs of giving into your addiction.

If you want to break free from the grip of alcohol abuse, you need to take the time and effort to set goals, seek help from your loved ones, and practice the above methods for avoiding alcohol altogether.