Common Substance Abuse Myths

There are many myths associated with substance abuse and addiction. These myths have stymied the culture of learning and understanding the underlying causes of addiction. By understanding the truth behind these myths, you can work to help others understand that addiction is not something people can just get over and that it’s not a character flaw. People that suffer from addiction actually go through both psychical and psychological processes in their brain that compel them to continue using their substance. It takes time and effort to overcome this addiction, even with the help of substance abuse rehab centers.

5 of the Most Common Substance Abuse Myths

  • Drug addiction is a character flaw and a voluntary choice by the addict. This mindset is often accompanied with the thought that addiction is simply due to a lack of moral fiber or willpower. This is completely untrue. A person suffering from addiction is chemically wired to crave the object of the addiction because of addictive chemicals or psychological elements that cause pleasurable sensations. This gets to the point where addicts suffer from physically painful symptoms when they go without the substance for a certain amount of time. This is known as withdrawal.
  • Modern medication can cure addiction for good. This belief is also untrue. People have to undergo comprehensive treatment involving medications that make withdrawal less painful then continue receiving counseling and therapy to develop the skills to resist their cravings. Substance abuse rehab is a lifetime affair and must be taken seriously to avoid relapse.
  • Another common myth is that people need to hit rock bottom in order to finally seek treatment. The truth is that people can seek and receive treatment for addiction at any stage. Whether they want to get through withdrawal or just develop the willpower to drink a little less, counseling and therapy are available at any substance abuse rehab center located in your area.
  • You can’t make someone go into rehab if they don’t want to. Many people believe this to be true, or they believe that it won’t be successful if it’s not their decision to get clean. It really just depends on the person. There have been many cases of people forced into substance abuse rehab by the legal system that have ultimately turned their lives around.
  • Motivation is a key factor in successfully completing rehab. Some people think that if an addict is properly motivated and does exactly what they’re told by rehabilitation professionals they can finish their treatment within a few weeks. As previously stated, substance abuse rehab is a lifetime struggle and relapsing is a common occurrence, especially with people that have just recently completed their treatment.