The Two Main Types of Addiction

Addiction can come in many forms and can be pretty damaging to a person’s life. That’s why it’s so important to help the people in your life that suffer from addiction. By learning about the different types of addiction and how these can emerge in a person’s life, you will be better equipped to identify and help your loved ones through their problems. Addiction can be treated and managed, you just have to take the first step and identify the problem immediately.

The Two Main Types of Addiction and How They’re Treated

There are two main types of addiction that people can suffer from. The first type is a behavioral addiction. This type of addiction usually involves the compulsion to do something excessively. These can include playing videos games, eating, having sex, and even something positive like working. Doing anything to the point where it’s interfering with other important aspects in your life is cause for alarm and a sign that you may have an addiction. Unfortunately, not much is known about the psychology of behavioral addiction.

Behavioral addiction is often treated in the same was as OCD, with medically prescribed medications and therapy sessions with an addiction expert. This treatment is available at most rehab centers for substance abuse and includes some of the same therapy and counseling treatment as well.

The other type of abuse is substance abuse. This addiction is much more common and better understood by experts. This involves an addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs. Many people become addicted to these substances and find it impossible to live without them and they serve as their primary coping mechanisms for the daily frustrations of life.

The best way to receive treatment for substance abuse is to check into a certified rehab facility. These institutions are designed to help you overcome the physical aspects of addiction and get you through the symptoms of withdrawal. After this period of time, you will attend counseling sessions and receive group therapy treatment in order to discuss and learn methods of coping with your addiction in a positive way.

Some alternative methods to use for both types of addiction are meditation, yoga, and expressive therapy (art, music, painting, etc.). These tend to relax the compulsive tendency to use and give the mind something to focus on instead.

Both types of addiction can cost a person their careers and relationships. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, speak with and addiction professional for help and guidance.