How to Self-Identify a Drinking Problem

Denying you have a problem with alcohol abuse is one of the main threats to overcoming your addiction and living a healthy life. Many people want to disregard their problem and pass it off as something trivial because of an unconscious desire to keep drinking. They will often display fits of frustration when the subject comes up or completely deny the claims altogether in a jovial way. However, there are a few signs that suggest you may have a drinking problem and should seek the help of a medical professional, especially when your drinking is negatively impacting the quality of your life.

Signs of a Drinking Problem

  1. Guilt is a good indication that you have a drinking problem. If you are someone that tends to feel guilty when you drink, you should consider the idea that you may have a drinking problem.
  2. Lying to friends and family about certain instances of drinking is another clear indication. Many people like to go out and have fun from time to time, but if you are frequently lying about trips to the bar or parties, then you may need to seek professional advice.
  3. When you are constantly told by your friends and family members that you have a problem and they show genuine concern, it’s probably time to face the reality of your addiction. Your loved ones only want the best for you and when they show concern, you can take that to heart.
  4. One of the biggest indications that you may have a drinking problem is when you feel the need or desire to drink simply to relax or have fun. This is a type of trick that your mind plays on you once you’ve become dependent on alcohol
  5. Blacking out (forgetting what you were doing while drinking) is a major cause for concern because not only does it indicate an addiction to alcohol but it could also have disastrous consequences for your social life. This sign often goes along with frequently drinking more than you initially intended.

What to do Once you Know You Have a Drinking Problem

Depending on the frequency and amount you drink, these signs together are a cause for concern. They suggest that you suffer from an addiction problem and could lead to poor health and the destruction of personal relationships. You should take these sign into consideration once you recognize them in yourself and seek the advice of a medical professional at one of the many facilities provided on this website. Contact an abuse treatment center in your area for more details.